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Information and advice on the typography used on EdWeb and EdGEL.

The University website uses two primary font types, Crimson Text and Source Sans Pro.

The banner header area, which features the sub-site title and the optional parent unit text, uses Crimson Text. All other in page elements - headings, copy text, navigation, links, etc - use variations on Source Sans Pro.

Source Sans Pro 

Source Sans Pro is an open-source sans serif typeface created for legibility in UI design. With a variety of weights that read easily at all sizes, Source Sans Pro provides clear headings as well as highly-readable body text.

Use for: all navigational elements and in-page elements such as headings, copy text, links, button text, captions, tables, etc.

Crimson Text

Crimson Text, inspired by beautiful oldstyle typefaces, is used in our banner headings. It is intended to reflect our heritage whilst remaining readable and accessible for our digital platforms.

Use for: banner header title text (sub-site title and optional parent unit text).

Where do I get the fonts?

EdWeb and EdGEL directly reference the font types via Google fonts API. You can find out more about the general terms of use via the Google Fonts website.

Find out more about Google Fonts

Essentially all Google fonts are open source and available for use privately or commercially. These fonts are designed specifically for online use and are more readable and accessible as a result.

Preview font styles on Google Fonts

Preview font styles on Typecast

What fonts should I use?

Any website built in EdWeb or one that uses the distribution will automatically use the correct fonts in the approriate locations. You don't have to worry about this.

Any new elements or content types being developed for EdWeb or EdGEL should use Source Sans Pro.

If you are building a site that is not in EdWeb or does not use the distribution then we recommend you reference the Google fonts API. Don't introduce addtional fonts to your projects, other than as part of an approved sub-brand.

The University logo text

The University corporate crest and logo has it's own font - Perpetua Regular. This font should not be used within University websites as it is reserved for the corporate logo.

Example font use on EdWeb

Screenshot of University website illustrating fonts