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Mobile ready and responsive

EdWeb is built in a responsive, mobile-first way. Read on to find out why.

Mobile is not the next fad. It's here, it's now and it's growing. Websites that don't respect their mobile audience are not only aggravating their customers with clumsy interfaces and hard to access information, they increasingly run the risk of becoming invisilble1.

Why responsive?

If we get our responsive design right we don't have to worry about what device our users are using today or what they'll be using tomorrow. By building on Bootstrap's grid system we can quickly and easily add new components to our templates that should work well on almost any device. 

Bootstrap helps us create mobile ready websites thanks to it's tried and tested fluid grid layouts that dynamically adjust to a user's screen resolution.

Some benefits of a responsive website

  • It's (almost) future-proof. Build a responsive site and it will work well across the ever changing landscape of web-enabled devices.
  • We offer a better, faster and smarter user experience. If we build our websites to work well regardless of what our users choose to view them on, we will be making their life easier.
  • It saves money. A responsive website should have a much longer shelf life as we're ready for the next big thing. By avoiding fragmentation across devices, operating systems and screens sizes everything becomes easier to manage, support and develop.
  • We're search engine friendly. Nobody wants to manage content for separate mobile and desktop sites. Build it once and it's easier to keep your content accurate and focused. Google agrees that websites need to work well on mobile and it's starting to recognise and favour those who do it well.
  • It helps our users get things done. An efficient and consistent website provides a better experience for our users meaning their tasks become simpler and are more likely to be completed successfully.

What does responsive design actually mean?

A responsive website uses various techniques2 3 to allow it to adapt to the size of screen it’s being viewed on.

When looking at our website an a mobile, the view is automatically reformatted to give an experience better suited to that device. There’s no need to zoom in and out to find the content you're looking for and there’s no battles with finger unfriendly links or menus. 


1. Google search is mobile friendly

2. Find out more about Bootstrap's responsive grid layouts

3. Find out more about Bootstrap's responsive utilities