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Colour theming

EdWeb and EdGEL support a choice of colour themes that can be applied across subsites.

Screenshot of website with colour theme

The University colour themes are derived from the full set of official corporate colour palettes. The full range of colour palettes were reviewed for online use and a selection of the best have been added to EdWeb.

By using the supported colour palettes you will ensure that our websites remain on brand and accessible. Colour choices automatically cascade across all relevant aspects of the website design so you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies.

There are a total of 11 available colour palettes. Do not introduce colour themes beyond this approved selection.

EdGEL colour themes
University red (selected by default)

Hex: D50032

RGB: 213, 0, 50

Corporate red
University blue

Hex: 041E42

RGB: 4, 30, 66

Corporate blue
Bright blue

Hex: 008EAA

RGB: 0, 142, 170

Bright blue
Bright pink

Hex: D0006F

RGB: 208, 0, 111

Bright pink

Hex: 830065

RGB: 131, 0, 101

Purple theme

Hex: A50034

RGB: 165, 0, 52

Burgundy theme
Dark green

Hex: 154734

RGB: 21, 71, 52

Dark green theme

Hex: 487A7B

RGB: 72, 122, 123

Muted blue

Hex: 004F71

RGB: 0, 79, 113

Muted blue theme
Muted brown

Hex: 6D4F47

RGB: 109, 79, 71

Muted brown theme
Spruce grey

Hex: 333F48

RGB: 51, 63, 72

Spruce grey theme

Chosing your colour theme

Colour and banner image choice can dramatically alter the perception and impact of your site. Make sure any decisions around theming are well considered and are agreed within your unit.

EdWeb support: colour palettes