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The University places a high priority on developing and maintaining a consistent corporate image to reinforce its status and position both in the local and wider communities.

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It is important that the University of Edinburgh is presented in a strong and consistent manner in order to achieve maximum impact.

EdWeb and EdGEL manage the presentation of the corporate elements of our brand. Primarily the University logo and corporate palettes.

To provide a cohesive identity, all sites must be visually associated with the design elements that define our online look.

Consistency helps protect our brand and improves the user experience – when content is presented in an organised and predictable way, users can interpret information more quickly.

Where web applications are directly associated with our website and deliver content to external audiences as an integrated part of the website, applications should follow the conventions outlined in the EdGEL.

The user experience of our online content should feel like a seamless journey as users navigate around our sites.

Our logo

Much more than a simple badge, our logo embodies what the University of Edinburgh is all about. It tells people who we are, what we stand for, and what we offer.

Logo history

The University of Edinburgh’s logo is our corporate identity and should be used on all communications representing the University. Our logo was created in the early 1990s and uses the University’s coat of arms as one of the main graphic elements, which gives the University its unique identity.

The use of the University’s coat of arms is governed by the Court of the Lord Lyon and it cannot be tampered with. The Lord Lyon’s office is within the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

There are several graphic elements working together:

  • The thistle: an iconic symbol of Scotland
  • The book: represents learning and academia
  • The castle: a distinctive reference to our Edinburgh roots
  • The world: the round shape alludes to a global presence and the idea of influencing the world

The University of Edinburgh logo should always consist of the roundel and the full name of the University – "The University of Edinburgh".

EdWeb and EdGEL logo use

Presentation of our corporate logo is handled automatically by our CMS theme so you don't have to worry about presenting it correctly within your website.

You cannot modify the logo in any way or replace it with an alternative version.

General information on logos and branding is available from the Communications and Marketing website.


If your unit has an approved sub-brand you can present this via the subsite branding space which appears as part of the subsite banner space. This can be administered via the subsite homepage template and applies across your entire subsite.

Footer space is also available to promote affiliations, partnerships and awards.