Edinburgh GEL

Search results

Presentation of results related to search terms.

Search results should be following these rules:

  • The search box should persistent and retain the search term.
  • Have the ability to present multiple data sets
  • Associate particular pages with certain keywords so they appear under “most likely matches”, e.g. Featured search result.
  • If generic promotion is available, it should facilitate the addition of links above the list of search results.
  • The page title should exclude any reference to the University of Edinburgh, e.g. remove any unnecessary meta information from titles.
  • Icons can be used to indicate PDF files or other document files.
  • The search word should be highlighted when it appears in the page title or description.
  • Description should pull first from the metadata description of the page, then the page summary and only if neither of those is present from the body.
  • More results like this might only appear when there are similar pages from the same section of the site.

Filtering and sort options [NEED LINK]

Search results as used in the University central search

Accessibility review

Search results uses standard GEL elements (pagination, tabs) or standard well-formed HTML (headings paragraphs etc.). There is no problems with this element.

Accessibility issues