Edinburgh GEL

Edinburgh Global Experience Language (EdGEL)

EdGEL is the foundation of the University's digital language. Our visual identity is built on various key principles, approaches and components. These guidelines illustrate how these concepts, technologies and design elements combine to deliver a strong, coherent visual style for The University of Edinburgh.

Planning and principles doodles

Our design language is built as responsive from the ground up. This approach brings with it a certain way of approaching responsive design.

Web design doodles

EdGEL is a combination of techniques, technologies, frameworks and design elements that provide the foundations of the University's digital language.

Discover more about the functionality and design of page components that we use in EdGEL.

Website sketches and plans

EdGEL offers several page layouts for different types of content. Find out more about how they work and how they should be used.

Development sprint planning

This section contains information to Extend, Customise and Contribute to EdGel

Website resources and requirements list

Support and resources are available for web publishers and developers wanting to apply best practice.

The EdWeb distribution offers Schools, Colleges and business units with the required technical expertise, the opportunity to change, modify and customise the CMS to meet their particular local business needs.

EdWeb distribution