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Guidance on the presentation of results related to a search query.

When presenting search results in an EdWeb or EdGEL website, the following guidance should be observed.

  • The search box should be persistent and retain the original search term.
  • The search term should be highlighted when it appears in the page title or description.
  • The page title should exclude any reference to the University of Edinburgh, e.g. remove any unnecessary meta information from titles.
  • The results view should have the ability to present multiple data sets in a consistent way.
  • Try to associate particular pages with certain keywords so they appear under “most likely matches”, e.g. Featured search result.
  • Icons can be used to indicate PDF files or other document files.
  • If generic promotion feature is available, it should facilitate the addition of content above the list of search results.
  • The individual result descriptions should use the metadata description of the destination page and if this is not available use the page summary text. If neither of those are available then the description should be generated from an extract of the body content.
  • "More results like this" is optional and should only appear when there are similar pages from the same section of the site.

Filtering and sort options [NEED LINK]

Search results as used in the University central search

Accessibility review

Search results uses standard GEL elements (pagination, tabs) or standard well-formed HTML (headings paragraphs etc.). There is no problems with this element.

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<div class="search featured"><p class="pull-right small">[last updated: 13.05.15]</p><h3 class="nopadding"><a href="http://www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme"><b>University Website Programme</b> | The University of Edinburgh</a></h3><p class="url"><a href="http://www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme">www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme</a></p><p class="search_snippet">We coordinate the development of the University corporate web publishing
framework and offer training and support on content management&nbsp;...</p><br></div>

<div class="search"><p class="pull-right small">[last updated: 13 hours ago]</p><h3 class="nopadding"><a href="http://website-programme-blog.is.ed.ac.uk/">University Website Programme Blog</a></h3><p class="url"><a href="http://website-programme-blog.is.ed.ac.uk/">website-programme-blog.is.ed.ac.uk/</a></p><p class="search_snippet">What we\'re doing and thinking as we support the University web publishing

<div class="search"><p class="pull-right small">[last updated: 16.03.15]</p><h3 class="nopadding"><a href="http://www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme/contact-us">Contact us | The University of Edinburgh</a></h3><p class="url"><a href="http://www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme/contact-us">www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme/contact-us</a></p><p class="search_snippet"><b>UWP</b> encourages the use of sustainable transport to our training sessions and
our drop-in service: there is a regular shuttlebus between King\'s&nbsp;...</p><br></div>

<div class="search"><p class="pull-right small">[last updated: 16.03.15]</p><h3 class="nopadding"><a href="http://website-programme-blog.is.ed.ac.uk/tag/uwp/"><b>UWP</b> Archives - University Website Programme Blog</a></h3><p class="url"><a href="http://website-programme-blog.is.ed.ac.uk/tag/uwp/">website-programme-blog.is.ed.ac.uk/tag/uwp/</a></p><p class="search_snippet">The <b>UWP</b> are proud to share that we have won another award, bronze
sustainability, and also that the University has a new unit – the Department for