Edinburgh GEL

Download, extend and contribute

You can further experiment and develop local customisations of EdGEL elements by various ways. These can be contributed back to the EdGEL or, in tha case of using EdWeb, the central CMS system via the EdWeb Change Advisory Board (CAB).

The full EdGEL code is available to download. It consists of a set of folders and files containing the GEL code files, a demo and the supporting Twitter Bootstrap files, for convenience. Please read the "Read Me" file for more information.

Current Version

** The above download only contains the dist folder.


Previous Releases

All the EdGEL page layouts and elements are available for review within this website. Example code is presented alongside respective output, so it can be reused in other systems and extended to fit local requirements.

Even though EdGEL has been developed to be system independent, it is integrated within the University of Edinburgh central CMS Service, EdWeb, and the standalone EdWeb Drupal distribution. The distribution can be hosted locally and be used to extend EdGEL elements to reflect on new functionality.

  • EdWeb Distribution - the standalone EdWeb Drupal distrubition that can be used and extended independently from the University central CMS.

Local customisations can be contributed back to University Website and EdWeb CMS via the EdWeb Change Advisory Board.

Contact us if you want to contribute directly to EdGEL.